Scouts BSA Troop 600 - Oak Ridge, NC

The Troop 600 Advantage - A Message From Our Scoutmaster

Thank you for your interest in Troop 600. We look forward to meeting you and helping you decide if Troop 600 is right for you. We are an active Troop of over 80 Scouts and we hope you’ll consider becoming part of the fellowship.

As you consider Scout Troops, I think it might be of value for you to understand what makes Troop 600 distinctive and use this as you compare our Troop to other Troops in our service area.

Troop 600 provides a year-round program. We meet Mondays during the school year and during the summer. We also camp all 12 months of the year. We don't take a break during the summer when school is out or during the winter when it’s cold outside.

Troop 600 provides a wide range of activities – on land backpacking and hiking and climbing and repelling, under land caving, under water snorkeling and scuba diving, on water tubing, swimming, skiing, sailing, whitewater rafting, kayaking and fishing, on snow skiing and tubing, and even in air flying. We attend National (2010, 2013, 2017) and World Jamborees (2019), hike at Philmont in New Mexico (even-numbered years), scuba dive at Florida Sea Base off the keys (odd-numbered years), and canoe at Northern Tier in Canada. This year, we will take more Scouts to the World Scout Jamboree than any Troop in our Council and we will take two crews to Florida Sea Base. Next year, we will take four crews to Philmont Scout Ranch (12 day treks rather than 7 day treks).

The Scouts of Troop 600 come from a wide range of schools – public, private, home, charter, special need, and early college. The schools include Northwest Middle School, Northern Middle School, Summerfield Charter Academy, Northern High School, Northwest High School, Caldwell Academy, Noble Academy, Lionheart Academy, Greensboro Day School, Early College at Guilford, and GTCC.

Troop 600 is open to everyone. We have Scouts who are new to our country and not citizens. We have Scouts with physical differences. We have Scouts on the autism spectrum – some mainstreamed and some in their own Patrol. Working with parents, our goal is to make Scouting accessible to any young man who wants to participate. Scouting for All – that’s our desire.

Troop 600 is a Gold Level Journey to Excellence Troop. For each of the 13 years since the founding of the Troop, Troop 600 has earned the top level quality award. We are the only Troop in the Old North State Council that has achieved this distinction every year of existence. The past two years, we had the rare distinction of achieving a perfect Journey to Excellence score and we expect to repeat that achievement again this year. We are the only Troops in our Council that was awarded the National Outdoor Challenge Unit Award the past two years.

Our Scouts are pretty impressive and set the standard for Scouts in our Council. Here’s some examples. Our 2018 cohort started 7 years ago with 18 Scouts – 13 of those Scouts have earned the rank of Eagle Scout (outstanding since the national average is 7%). Two of the four positions in the Order of the Arrow (OA) Chapter are held by Scouts in our Troop – the Chapter Chief and a Vice Chief. And, one of the five Vice Chiefs in the OA Lodge is from our Troop. Seven of our Scouts are working on staff at Cherokee Scout Reservation this summer – a camp record. One of our Scouts worked this past summer at Philmont Scout Reservation as a Ranger. In 2018, of the six Scouts in our Council who received the National Outdoor Badge for Camping with silver device, four were from Troop 600. This year, we had the only Scout who received the award.

The seven leaders in uniform who work with our Scouts – our Scoutmaster Corp of adults – are well regarded nationally. Combined, they have over 100 years of Scouting experience. They have led Council contingents to National and World Jamborees and to Philmont, attended and led dozens of training courses, and been recognized with awards including Celtic Cross, Scoutmaster Award of Merit, District Award of Merit, and Silver Beaver.

Come visit us and see Troop 600 in action. Reach out to us via the contact page and let us know when you’ll drop by.

Mike Matzinger, Scoutmaster